Find out the benefits of rent guarantee through credit card

The use of some type of guarantee is quite common in the Brazilian real estate market, as a way for homeowners to insure themselves against possible cases of default or damage to their property. In view of this, getting to know the benefits of rent guarantee through a credit card can be ve

What is rent guarantee by credit card?

With the advancement of  technology  , it is natural that products and services are also modernized, being better in line with the habits, demands and needs of society. Some options in the real estate market follow this pattern, undergoing changes to improve people's  experience  and streamline processes.

These are just some of the characteristics that credit card leasing offers. Instead of going through the hassle of having to find someone willing to become a guarantor or having to beat the bureaucracy to get a good insurance policy, you can do a much simpler procedure.

Just choose one of the available warranty plans and wait a while for the transaction to be approved. In a matter of a few minutes, with possession of the registration information, it is possible to finalize everything and, in case of subsequent problems, the owner can use the amount for the payment of rent arrears, charges and damages to the property.

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How does rent guarantee through credit card reduce bureaucracy?

The internet and everything that is based on the great World Wide Web has a tremendous advantage: that of analyzing an immense amount of information in a short time. With the rent guarantee by credit card, things don't change much and your registration data can be evaluated in less than 60 seconds.

This is the most advantageous choice even for the  real estate company  , since, in addition to enabling new contracts with tenants who might have difficulties in obtaining a guarantor or to take on another lease guarantee, there is a tremendous saving of time in terms of the services of the tenants. Brokers and even paperwork costs.

Reducing bureaucracy in the rental process also involves the rental contract itself, which is formatted and idealized to bring more simplicity, based on the national history of default and avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy, which is increasingly moving the real estate rental market. .

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What are the benefits of rent guarantee by credit card?

Now that you have learned a little more about the concept of rental guarantee by credit card and better understood how it helps to reduce bureaucracy in the rental market, it is time to discover other important benefits that this modality provides. Continue reading this content and find out.

Rent without a guarantor

It is very likely that you have heard about the guarantor, considering that this is the type of lease guarantee that, historically, has been the most used and popular in all of Brazil. Fortunately, the surety bond through credit card has the potential to reverse this scenario in the  rental  segment.

Finding a guarantor is not easy, as it must be someone who can prove income or equity and, in addition, be willing to bear losses in the event of default or damage to the property. Ordering this can be quite embarrassing and there are still real estate agents that make several demands to accept the subscription.

Being able to do almost anything online

One of the reasons that credit card leases are so bureaucratic is that it is possible to obtain approval without any major difficulties. The real estate agent can access the company's website and properly fill out the tenants' registration data.

In addition, the real estate company also receives the amounts due monthly, according to the contracts made. Eventually, in a situation of default, if the tenant does not pay, CredPago covers the costs.

Easier payment

One of the benefits of rent guarantee by credit card is that it makes it much easier to pay. Although the digital analysis is efficient and uses algorithms capable of investigating the  customer's  data, unforeseen events can lead to an eventual need for default.

If this occurs and the person ends up not being able to pay the debt in arrears, an option will be made available, for example, to pay the amount due, with the addition of an interest rate.

No deposit check required

You may already know, but it is worth remembering how another very common rental guarantee works: the real estate deposit check. With this modality, the tenant provides as a guarantee a value equivalent, in most cases, to three months of lease, at the time of the closing of the lease.

However, there is a big problem for those who make this option: the person does not always have the balance available to pay all this at once, even if that capital returns at the end of the term, in the event of default or damage to the unit. In addition, it is not always simple for the owner to withdraw this amount and, sometimes, it is necessary to bring justice.

As you can see, the rent guarantee by credit card is a modern and differentiated alternative, which can considerably facilitate the life of those who are thinking about renting a house or an apartment!

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